Orchard - Casa do Pomar 2020

2015award winner silver
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Do Pomar means: in (at) the orchard. We decided on this name because the house is centrally located within the orchard and is surrounded by other orchards. Besides many olive- and carob trees you will find avocado-, lemon-, orange-, tangerine-, pomegranate trees and many, many others.There are three different varieties of avocado trees in our orchard. The green, pear shaped 'Fuerte', the pear shaped, almost black 'Hass', and the large, round, green 'Nabal'. Because of these varieties we have fresh avocados almost the entire year round!
In front of the house there are 8 fig trees (2 varieties) which produce delicious fruit from May to July. The cactus fruit is delicious as well and the various grapevines produce lots of fruit, making it possible for us to harvest from the orchard almost every month of the year.

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